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Lawn Care and Lawnscape Services

Landscaping is both an art and science at MJS Lawn Care and Lawnscape. Selecting the right trees, shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses at the right times to achieve your desired look requires experience. We provide busy homeowners and property managers with real value and beauty for your property by offering our expertise. You won't meet a company more passionate about your lawn. Hiring MJS means never worrying about curb appeal again!
MJS Lawn Care Programs serve residential, commercial, and sports turf management. We provide today's busy homeowners and managers with real value and beauty for their property while saving them time and money.

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We offer an extensive list of services for your lawn and outdoor living space. Maintaining a healthy lawn is an excellent way to compliment your home or business and beautify your landscape.


4 Treatments

Spring Crabgrass Control, Summer Surface Insect Control, Fertilizations & Broadleaf Weed Controls as needed through the season with free service calls between visits.


5 Treatments

Fairway Plan plus Monitoring/Control for subsurface Grubs OR Solu-CalTM Lime Application.


6 Treatments

Emerald Plan plus Solu-CalTM Lime Application to maintain proper soil pH AND Monitoring/Control for sub-surface Grubs with the four Fairway visits.
Best Value

Fairway Custom

3 Treatments

Spring Crabgrass Control OR Summer Surface Insect Control, Fertilization & Broadleaf Weed Controls in three visits approximately 8-10 weeks apart.


2 Treatments

Fertilization & Broadleaf Weed Control ONLY. There is no pre-pay discount.

Organic Fertilization & Topdressing

6 Treatments

6 Visits per season minimum to achieve increased organic matter (O.M.) percentages for your lawn

Core Aeration


Sports Turf

Outdoor sports such as soccer, football, baseball and golf are all played on turf grass which provides a cushion for safety and reduces injuries. Because the construction of sports fields requires a significant investment in the equipment and turf installation, it's best to select a company highly experienced in these type of projects.

We carry a full selection of turf grasses for commercial athletic fields and golf courses and offer a variety of maintenance services to assist you.

Irrigation Systems

Leave it to MJS to install your automatic irrigation systems for lawns, gardens, landscapes and sports turf. With choices of systems, we will determine the best one for your needs to save you time and water while keeping your lawn green and growing. We provide installation and maintenance of all major systems including Hunter, Rainbird, Toro, and K-Rain.
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Hydroseeding and Lawn Fertilization

Want a beautiful lawn quick and easy? Our Lawn Fertilization programs and hydroseeding options for high traffic areas are what you need! We are state licensed applicators in Vermont and New Hampshire. Hydroseeding speeds up the germinating process. Before you know it, you've got a beautiful lawn!

Complete Lawn Renovations

Improvements for tired older lawns or damaged lawns from construction can include full site preparations, grading, soil conditioning, sodding, and seeding methods that best fit for your needs.

Organic Fertilization and Topdressing

Organic programs consist of increasing organic matter (O.M.) percentages for your lawn. MJS will create a program that best fits your lawns requirements.

Fertilizing Products include a variety of organic contents which provide “Biodiversity” for improved plant nutrition and soil microbial requirements.

Biological controls for soil grub suppression and Corn Gluten for crabgrass reduction in the early spring are available. These are application specific products that require a strong commitment by you to provide the water and proper mowing as recommended.

Landscape Planting

Natural and environmentally conscious landscape design is our trademark. From the site analysis through pathway and garden design, we encompass all aspects of the landscape site-work and see it through to completion.

Landscape planting can significantly increase the beauty and value of your property. If you are starting with a blank slate, using shrubbery as dressing for your home is a good start. Begin by applying around the foundation of the building, being sure to allow enough room for years of growth.

MJS offers natural and environmentally friendly materials when designing and constructing your landscape features. We offer aesthetic pond installation as well as waterfalls, gardens, stone walkways and stone furniture.

We can light up your home and landscape with an exterior landscape lighting system.

Stone Walls, Walks, & Patios

Stone walls are often built to retain sloping lawns, embankments and flower gardens. You might also choose a beautiful stone wall structure as a decorative entrance to a driveway, a stairwell down to a patio, or as a boundary between your property and your neighbors.


Stone Furniture

At MJS Lawn Care and Lawnscape we have some wonderfully creative artists that not only construct beautiful landscapes for our clients, but have the ability to craft furniture from stone. These tables and benches are exclusively handcrafted at our facility by talented members of our staff.

Pond & Water Features

Our team offers beautifully designed and constructed water features that fit naturally into your environment. We encourage and advocate the use of environmentally friendly approaches and materials wherever possible. We develop high quality, cost-effective designs that support an aesthetic appreciation of natural ecosystems. We create habitats for plants, animals and amphibians and promote the conservation of local wildlife species.